Dreams & Reality
Highbrau Volume III, Issue IV

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Highbrau Media is stubbornly proud to be something of an anachronism; we love our printed format and our FM radio shows and how they tie us into the methods and traditions of the past. However, we are anything but blind to the rapid changes afoot all around us - in our three years of production we have seen several local print publications rise and then fall, swept away by harsh new economic realities of the media landscape and buried under an avalanche of celebrity tweets.

In the spirit of keeping an eye on what’s coming next, we’d like you to offer us your views on the future of any or all media, be it traditional, social, or as-yet uninvented. What is the future of local media? How will we get our news and share our artistic output in the near or distant future? What new formats lurk just over the horizon waiting for the next technological or cultural leap forward?

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